Customize Your Miche Bag w/ Fashion Handles ~ Order Now!

Miche bags and accessories are at an all-time high in popularity, causing some short falls in availability.  If you think you missed out – don’t despair!  Now you can back-order your favorite Miche fashion handles to accessorize new or current favorite shells!

Miche fashion handles available to order now!

How to Back Order Miche Handles

Do you need the Interchangeable Silver Chain Handles to really bring out the best in your favorite Miche shell?  Or the Black Rope Handles to add sophistication and elegance to a shell you want to order?  Now, and for a limited time, you can place a back-order for these items with or without other items that are currently in stock!

Here is how this works.  Place an order now, for the shells that are in stock and the handles that are available for back order.  This reserves the handles you order now for you.  You will get them!   Place your order as you normally would.  All in stock items will be shipped in just a couple of days.  Your back ordered fashion handles will be shipped in a few weeks when they come in – at no additional shipping charge!

Miche Demi Joella w cream strap silver chain giraffe print shellDo you love this look for summer?  Order Miche Demi Joella – the shell is now available and in stock.  Also order the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the Cream Straps!  Both are out of stock, but you can reserve yours today by placing them on back order!

Miche Classic Jasmine out front of customers placeOr maybe you like the fun and fabulous Miche Classic Jasmine with the Black Rope Handles and extra 1-inch Silver Carabiner rings shown right.  Jasmine is in stock now, and you can reserve the rope handles and carabiners by ordering them now on back-order.


spring 2013 Miche Demi Bianca with silver chains and taupe rope handles faux snake skinThe sassy and chic Miche Demi Bianca in a wonderful – you guessed it! – animal print is just fantastic.  A beautiful shell with terrific detailing.  But – yes, I think she is even better with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the Tan Rope Strap – clearly designed for her.

If you love this look and thought you had missed out – act today!  Bianca is in stock, and your handles that you order today will be shipped as soon as they come in – no extra shipping charge!

Miche is still a young company, and there are some growing pains as the growth comes so fast at times.  I am proud to represent a company that takes this kind of action to ensure their customers are well taken care of.  If you have any questions – just contact me – I am here to help!

Free miche gift with 50 dollar order through 6-30-13

Don’t forget!  Now through June 30th, all Miche orders of $50 or more receive a FREE gift.  I don’t know what it is – it’s a surprise!   And your back-ordered items count just as well toward your free gift as do the items in stock!  :)

**I so appreciate your business!  Thank you for shopping with me!!**

When Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi Joellayou are ready to place your order, please be sure to add it to Lisa Greer’s Great Miche Party!  Your order will ship just as fast, and it won’t cost a penny more.  But your order will help a fellow Miche lover to add to her own collection.  Who knows?  One day Lisa might help you! :)

Please contact me with any questions you might have, about the fashion handle back-orders, how to set up your own online party – or how best to make your Miche match.  I am your Miche representative and I am here for you!  Call Kat at 760.757.9179 or just write to me: [email protected] Let’s talk Miche!

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This is your summer.  Make it fabulous!

Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

Feeling Fearless! Miche August 2012 Collection & Party!

The newest Miche line – Fearless – is dedicated to you!  The feel of this collection comes from the women we know who inspire us as they show courage and independence in everything they do, big and small.  Come join our online party, be entered in a drawing for a free purse charm, and explore the Fearless line!

snake skin Miche Demi Renae Fearless

Are you facing times of change, challenges in your family life or in the work place?  Do you need to call upon inner strength to see your way through the day, yet do so in style?  Miche’s Fearless is for you!  Also drawing upon the glorious colors of the African sunset and the wild textures of the Australian Outback for inspiration – the line is remarkable.  For this post, we are examining some of the potent patterns included in Fearless.  Enjoy!Miche Fearless Demi Joella with black rope handles

Above is the beautiful Miche Demi Renae $39.95  with the new Interchangeable Handles in Antique Brass.  A snake skin patterned bag in neutral colors that makes a real statement.  To the right, I am holding my new favorite, Demi Joella, with the Black Rope Handles and silver carabiner rings.  OK – actually, I am not quite that tall.  Also, I’m a bit more blond… and I haven’t received my Joella yet… and I have never been to the African veld.  But otherwise – that is so totally me!  I will style my Miche Demi Joella $34.95 with the Black Rope Handles.  Fabulous, isn’t she?

The entire Miche Fearless line is all about strength in femininity, independence, finding your own style and having confidence!  I have fallen in love with the Miche Demi Kendra – beautiful leopard print with bold antique brass hardware on an unusual front strap.  I will definitely use the Interchangeable handles with the antique brass chains for Kendra!   $34.95     

 red leopard print Miche Demi Tina with silver interchangeable handles


Miche Demi Tina is the essence of Fearless!  Cranberry red leopard print faux leather embellished with royal purple piping and zippered accents.  A chic juxtaposition of playful and intensity.  When you are utterly comfortable with who you are and what you can accomplish – or simply want to convey that impression until it becomes true – Tina is the bag for you.

Shown with one of the Interchangeable Handles with the black strap and silver handles attached at each end, to carry her hobo-style, Tina is a joy to hold and behold.  $34.95



The newest line of Miche Hope shells in denim blue and pale, dove grey are embellished with words of encouragement: Hope * Love * Joy * Laugh * Sunshine * Dream!    Available in all 4 sizes, I will style these with the Interchangeable handles in silver.  Casual, upbeat, versatile, fun, this is the every day bag that will lift your spirits while it carries your daily necessities. 


So what’s the deal with the new Miche Interchangeable Handles?  Here are the details: Miche Interchangeable Chain Handles Ultimate set with black and brown, silver and antique brass chains

The Interchangeable Handles bring the customizability of the Miche Bags to a whole new level.  First, there are 3 handles sets.  You can select the silver chains set, which comes with a set of 2 supple, subtly textured black strap handles and a set of 2 croc textured rich brown strap handles, and 4 silver chains.  The same set is available with the antique brass chains, and the 2 brown and 2 black straps.  Each of these sets are $24.95 and offer tremendous options in styling your current Miche bags, and those that are new that you will soon be purchasing.

If you are like me, and just need it all, there is a set for us, too!   The Interchangeable Handles with both antique brass and silver handles also includes both the black and the brown straps.  All for $39.95.  The combined length of one of these chain handles is 26.5 inches, with a handle drop of 12.5 inches.  The straps are .75 inch wide.  These handles are truly upscale in appearance and feel.

There are also new, antique brass carabiner rings in the 1-inch and 1.5-inch sizes.  A set of 4 1-inch carabiner rings, in either silver or antique brass is $5.95.  For the 4 1.5-inch rings, in either color, $8.95.  This is an inexpensive way to continue the antique brass hardware accents through the bag by attaching your current handles using the antique brass rings. Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi Joella

Ready to order?   Please do so by joining our Online Party!  When you enter my online Miche store by clicking on a party link, or by selecting “Attach to a Party” in your shopping bag prior to checking out, your order benefits a fellow Miche Lover, helping her to add to her collection with free Miche product!Janis McCarthy - our Online Party Hostess!

Janis McCarthy, our Online Miche Party Hostess, is facing a number of challenges in her life, both personal and professional.  She continues to inspire me with her spirit and optimism, and her absolute determination to not just survive the storms, but to thrive – in style!  Please join me in making her party a terrific success!

The party continues through August 7th.  Your order will not cost a penny more, and it will ship just as fast as ever.  And every party order is entered into a drawing to win a free, hand-made, Kat’s Kreations purse charm.  There is an additional entry for each $25 in product ordered.

As always –  I am here for you!  Prefer to place your order by phone?  Call me – Kat at 760.845.0621. Or visit my online Miche store to order!  Do you have questions, a suggestion or comment about what you would like to see covered here?  To leave a comment, just click on the comment bubble to the right of the title of this post.  Tell me what you think of the new Miche fearless line!  Or Contact me – I am your Miche representative!  Call Kat at 760.845.0621 or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Until next time ~ This is your day ~ make it fabulous! 


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

Miche Bags ~ Stay Fashionable & Prepared | Now at Huge Discount!

Miche Prima Teresa and accessories for a cream sheth dress















I love the way my Miche bag allows me to change styles quickly, easily and affordably!  The most functional of all fashion accessories has now become so adaptable to every fashion situation.  With it’s many interchangeable shells, the style is so flexible, that I feel ready for anything!  Miche Prima Tereasa shown above is one of my favorite shells, adding color, a dash of daring yet remaining sophisticated and chic.  Very versatile and always outstanding.

Miche Prima Lexi with outfit, distressed jeans and sophisticated top















I think fashion is often about the unexpected combination of items that look great together.  You would expect to see this lovely, elegant top paired with a flowing skirt.  Soft contours and texture paired with soft contours always works, but is not really so fashion forward.  I prefer the more unanticipated pairing of the soft, elegant top paired with the harder edged, distressed jeans.  They look great together, but also express more individuality of style and personality – the unexpected.  Miche Prima Lexi is a bold pop of color and adds a slightly funky note to bring this look together and make it look not just stylish, but my style.  We’ll discuss these ideas in greater depth in a future post.

With Miche Prima Sienna the newest Urban Bag and a few essentials, I can take on the world!

With the latest Miche bag with the Urban shell, Prima Sienna, you can carry everything you need to take on the world!  Or at least, a busy day.   With the added functionality of easily changing into a chic backpack, Sienna does it all!  Two discreet loops found at the bottom of the back of the shell allow you to attach the 2 handles that came with your Prima base bag and you can wear her like a backpack.  For a super cute, short-term wearing option, use the Black or Brown Chain Handles.  But for serious comfort and long treks, I recommend the Adjustable Shoulder Strap available in brown or black, and currently on sale!  I would take Sienna out for a busy day, then change to Tereasa for an elegant evening in about 3 seconds.  Always prepared, indeed!

Miche Prima shells Donna, Valerie, Lexi, Heidi and Teresa on sale, reg $214.75 now $75

Speaking of Miche sales, the current Anniversary Bundle sales are simply amazing!  Look at the 5 beautiful shells above, all for the incredibly low price shown.  As you can see, the two shells I featured at the beginning of this article are included, along with 3 other beauties in more neutral shades.  All 5 shells for a savings of nearly $140 This Anniversary Prima Bundle sale last through July 31st, or while supplies last.  Get all 5 shells shown for less than the price of Tereasa and Lexi together! 

 Miche Classic shells Ella Red Stella ElizabethJayma and Jen Copper on sale $50 for all

If the Classic is your Miche size of choice – there is an Anniversary Bundle sale available for you, too!   For less than the price of 2 shells shown above, you will receive all five!  At the super low price shown above!  This is a savings of nearly $80.  What a great opportunity to add to your Miche collection some of the shells you have loved but been unsure of trying.  Now you can play with your style and enjoy a terrific savings at the same time!  Order the Miche Anniversary Classic Bundle today! 

Miche Chaoin Handles in black and brown, Adjustable straps in black and brown and purse organizer on sale!

You know how much I love to accessorize my Miche bag!  I would use the Black Rope Handles for Tereasa above, but the Chain Handles in Black or Brown for both Lexi and Sienna.  If I were using Sienna as a backpack for a long, busy day, I would use the Adjustable Shoulder Strap – 2 sets – available in black or brown.  How marvelous that in one Miche Anniversary Accessories Bundle you will enjoy several options for fashion handles and one organizer at such a low price!

How does your Miche bag help you to be prepared for every fashion contingency?  Send me an e-mail, or add a comment and let me know! 

As always –  I am here for you!  Prefer to place your order by phone?  Call me – Kat at 760.845.0621. Or visit my online Miche store to order!  Do you have questions, a suggestion or comment about what you would like to see covered here?  To leave a comment, just click on the comment bubble to the right of the title of this post.  Or Contact me – I am your Miche representative!  Call Kat at 760.845.0621 or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Until next Tuesday…  Smile – it looks great on you!


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

Sneak Peek Miche Shells July 2012! Free Coin Purse with $60 Order!

** Free Coin Purse with $60 Miche Bag order ~ See details below! ** 

Miche Shells July 2012 Collection story

So tell me the story of your summer.  You don’t have one yet?  That’s OK – The first day of summer was just 6 days ago!  If your plans are still up in the air – join the club!  But let’s resolve to write the story of our summer to be a good one.  Don’t let this summer slip away leaving you with nothing but a lap full of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s at the end.  Make the most of this summer!

To join you on your own journey into summer, Miche has released their newest Urban Shell – Miche Prima Sienna that can be converted into a chic backpack and back to a tote again! 

Miche Prima July 2012 Sienna

Rich, deep chocolate faux leather is lightly textured, and highlighted by hot magenta and cool silver accents.  Use the Prima handles included with the Prima base bag for 2 strap tote carrying.  Or the Quick Clip Shoulder Strap (not included) for carrying over your shoulder or cross-body, messenger style. Discreet loops at the rear bottom of the bag allow you to connect two straps of your choice to wear this bag like a backpack.  For super-cute and short-term wearing, use the Miche Chain Handles available in black and brown.  You will need 1 set – not included.  For longer treks, and supreme comfort, I recommend the Miche Adjustable Shoulder Strap available in black and brown, and currently on sale!  You will need 2 – not included.   

Sienna is absolutely perfect, however you carry her, for carrying everything you need for a busy summer day at the zoo, or the park, or the beach.  And if you are heading off to college in the fall – such a cool backpack!   Just like any Prima shell, Miche Prima Sienna is quickly and easily changed out with any other Prima shell.  Perfect for a family day on the go, transforming easily to an elegant bag for dinner and the theater later that night. 

*Miche Urban Shell Prima Sienna is available to order July 1st!*

Miche July 2012 Petite Selena

Sienna’s little sister, Miche Petite Selena, is a sassy, sporty purse for traveling light.  Deep chocolate faux leather, lightly textured, is accented with a chevron of bright magenta and silver striping.  Contrasting magenta stitching around the top and end pockets make Sienna worth second and third looks close up as well as striking from a distance. 

Cool and casual, Miche Petite Selena coordinates easily with many colors.   For a more substantial grip on the pretty Selena, I will use one of the Brown Chain Handles in place of the sleek standard strap – just because you never know what the day will throw at you.  Be prepared!

*Miche Petite Selena available to order July 1st!*

Miche Petite Selena Summer Casual

So where will your Miche bags and summer plans take you? 

** Free Coin Purse with $60 Miche Bag order ~ See details below! ** 

OK – Which of these beauties above has captured mini purse for coins or lipstick lace flower with coinsyour heart?  Are you planning to catch one of the last Miche Glory shells in Petite or Classic as soon as the July shells are available to order?  If so – don’t wait long.  The Miche Glory shells will be retired by July 5th if they don’t sell out sooner! 

Remember – when your order is $60 or more in product (before shipping and sales tax) I will send you a free coin purse like the one shown here.  They come in many styles, and I love them all!

To order, go to my online Miche store, or call me if you prefer to order by phone 760.845.0621.  Then just send me an e-mail with your order number, and I will send your stylish and free coin purse right out for you!  Just contact me at [email protected].

As always – I am here for you!  Prefer to place your order by phone?  Call me – Kat at 760.845.0621. Or visit my online Miche store to order!  Do you have questions, a suggestion or comment about what you would like to see covered here?  To leave a comment, just click on the comment bubble to the right of the title of this post.  Or Contact me – I am your Miche representative!  Call Kat at 760.845.0621 or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Until next Tuesday…  This is your day ~ make it fabulous!


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!