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Take a closer look at the Miche Fearless Collection, and see those Interchangeable Handles in action!  Today through midnight is the last day to join our Online Miche Party!   Place your order through this link today to help Janis McCarthy add to her Miche collection, and to be entered to win a free purse charm!August 2012 Fearless Miche interchangeable chain handles antique brass and silver

Fierce fashion styles and fast shipping!  What more could a girl want?  I placed my order for items from the new Miche Fearless collection on Wednesday, and was playing with the new shells and handles Friday!  Fantastic!  And I just love them!  Let’s take a look at ways to accessorize the new Fearless shells, and also how the new handles can dress up an old favorite.

Long time readers will know of my love affair with animal prints.  Miche Demi Kendra is absolutely fabulous!  The oversized rivets and the clasp on her front strap are in the rich, antique brass tones used throughout the Fearless line, and they are set off beautifully by the Interchangeable Handles with antique brass chains I used the black strap with Kendra to pick up the black of her front belt detail and the banding at the top.  I also have more black in my wardrobe.  The brown strap is just as lovely with the brass chains and Kendra’s leopard print – I would recommend it if you wear more earth tones.  Remember – with the Interchangeable Handles, you get both a set of 2 grained black straps and a set of 2 croc textured brown straps.  Kendra has a lovely sheen, but is not “shiny”August 2012 Miche Demi Eve with Silver chains and Black Rope Handles

Miche Demi Eve is utterly chic, simply sophisticated and I just love her!  To set off her intricate weaving and cording detail, I am carrying her with the Black Rope Handles attached to 2 of the silver chains from the set of Interchangeable Handles.  Although I usually use a 1.5″ carabiner ring to attach the handle when I carry the Demi hobo-style, in this case, I found the length to be best when I attached just the chains and rope handles without the additional carabiner.August 2012 Miche Demi Eve closeup of weaving detail  Below, you have a




close up of that wonderful weaving and cording detail I have written about.  The cording has a twisted texture that goes beautifully with the Black Rope Handle.  The gentle gathers along each side just add to Eve’s easy glamour.  The purse charm shown is a Kat’s Kreations in black, white and silver, but I have also enjoyed using the Miche Taffy charmer all in white.  Perfect for when I am wearing all black and white.  There are no side pockets for Eve, but she does have a zippered back pocket.

As much as I love the new Interchangeable Handles with the new shells, they also really dress up those I already have!  Below, I want to show you two ways of using the antique brass to light up an old flame:

To the right, you see one of my favorite Classic shells, the Miche Raquel with the brown straps and antique brass chains of the Interchangeable Handles.  The abstract animal print (what else?) of Raquel gleams with gold and bronze and copper tones set off to perfection by the antique brass chains.

Perhaps you prefer the shorter handles of the Classic, making it a true handbag.  Or simply want to enjoy the new options but need to keep the budget in check.  Look how simply changing out the silver carabiner rings for those now available in antique brass adds a new dimension of richness to a bag that is already so lovely.  The pack of 4 1-inch antique brass carabiner rings is just $5.95 and an easy way to give an updated look to a favorite in your collection.

If you love the new Miche Interchangeable Handles as much as I do, you will enjoy seeing what a pretty package they arrive in.  If a friend or family member is a fellow Miche lover, look what a gift-ready package these handles make! 

Simply add a bow and you have a sure-fire terrific gift for anyone who loves her Miche bag! 


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So far, our Online Miche Party is going well!  Orders from both invited guests and blog readers – thank you all!  I have been asked to extend the party for a few more days, so now the party doesn’t end tonight, but be sure to get your order in before it does!

Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi Joella

You know you want to order from the newest Miche Line.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your order help another Miche lover add to her own collection with free product?  Your order won’t cost you a penny more, and will ship just as fast!  It also will earn an entry into a  drawing for a free, handmade, Kat’s Kreation’s purse charm – who can resist a little bling?  You will receive an additional entry for each $25 in product ordered.Janis McCarthy - our Online Party Hostess!

Janis McCarthy, my sister-in-law and our Online Miche Party Hostess, is facing a number of challenges in her life, both personal and professional.  She continues to inspire me with her spirit and optimism, and her absolute determination to not just survive the storms, but to thrive – in style!  Please join me in making her party a terrific success!

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As always –  I am here for you!  Would you prefer to place your order by phone?  Call me – Kat at 760.845.0621. Or visit my online Miche store to order!  Do you have questions, a suggestion or comment about what you would like to see covered here?  To leave a comment, just click on the comment bubble to the right of the title of this post.  Tell me what you think of the new Miche fearless line!  Or Contact me – I am your Miche representative!  Call Kat at 760.845.0621 or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

This is your day – make it wonderful!


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

Miche Bags Celebrate Hope ~ Join the Fight & Join the Party!

Miche launched their first line of Hope bags in 2010, donating a portion of the proceeds from each Hope shell directly to research to fight cancer.  You can join the fight, and join my first nation wide Miche party!  See details below:

Miche Hope shells Petite Classic Demi Prima

In just 2 years, Miche has donated over $2,000,000 through their incredibly popular, wonderfully inspirational Hope Collection shells.  Meet the newest line of Hope shells, to be released August 1st:


In rich denim blue canvas, silk screened in a dove grey matched by the faux leather trimming, these Hope shells are casual and joyful in their style.  With generous end pockets, this Petite shell will carry all you need when you are traveling light, and look great doing so. 

Miche Petite Hope (Blue) is available to order August 1st!


A perfect companion for a jeans and tee-shirt day, the latest Miche Hope shells are also ideal accessories for dresses in plaids, stripes, florals or abstract prints.  Dress up or down with these shells.  They will always be a cheery accent!

Miche Classic Hope (Blue) is available to order August 1st!



Emblazoned with words of encouragement: Hope * Love * Joy * Laugh * Sunshine * Dream  These shells are a delightful reminder that Hope lives!  Casual, upbeat, versatile, fun, this is the every day bag that will lift your spirits while it carries your daily necessities.  Enjoy!

Miche Demi Hope (Blue) available to order August 1st!


In dove grey faux leather and denim blue canvas, these charming shells are actually in neutral colors, so they will go well with a wide variety of colors and styles in your closet.  Like a smile – they go with everything, and make you look your best!  Let Prima Hope in Blue carry all you need, and look cheerfully stylish while doing so!

Miche Prima Hope (Blue) is available to order August 1st.

Miche Purse charm, purse blingAnd who can resist a little bling?  Whether you add this charming purse charmer to your Miche Bag, your belt loop or your keys, it adds sparkle and fun to any look.  And yes, this is part of the Miche Hope Program.  Part of the proceeds for the Hope Charmers as well as the Hope shells are donated to fight cancer, and for the month of August, autism as well.

I love the Miche Hope Program, and these latest shells are a particular favorite for me in the line.  I hope you enjoy them, and whether with these shells or another, never forget to celebrate Hope!

Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi Joella

** Join the Miche Party! **

Whether you are planning to snap up a soon-to-retire shell before the end of the month, or you are excited to add some of the new August releases, or these Hope shells to your collection, please do so as a part of the first nation wide Miche party I have posted to this blog.  The party opens on July 29th to enable those who want to get the last of the retiring shells to participate.  And it continues through August 7th, so you can be sure to add items from the Fearless collection and the latest Hope line as well.  Your order will not cost a penny more, and it will ship just as fast as ever.  But ordering through this party means that when you add to your own Miche collection, you will help another woman to add to hers with free product.  If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a nation-wide Miche party, just Contact Me!

** Check back tomorrow for more details on the new Miche Fearless shells, and learn how to join the nation-wide Miche Party! **

Please let me know if I can answer any questions, or provide any assistance!  I am your Miche Representative and I am here for you.  Ready to order – just click here!  If you prefer to order by phone, please call Kat at 760.845.0621, or write to me at [email protected]  If you would like to make a comment about what you have seen here, or would like to see covered, please just click on the comment bubble to the right of the post title above, and let me know!

Have a beautiful day ~ and check back tomorrow for more product and party details!


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You

Miche and me About Town: Demi Reyna and the SD Floral Association

Miche Demi Reyna at the SD Floral Association

Miche Demi Reyna and I discovered a wondrous treasure down town – The San Diego Floral Association.  This is the oldest garden club in southern California, and is the keeper of much gardening and architectural lore of the San Diego area going back well before it was part of the United States.  It felt like entering a temple and stepping back in time to a secret realm where living beauty is held sacred.

There is so much to learn there, and we barely scratched the surface.  But it was inspiring and incredibly peaceful simply contemplating the beauty of the natural world, and our place and participation in it.

I didn’t want to leave!  But eventually we had to go.  As we did, I found myself seeing my surroundings with a fresh eye – truly appreciating little beautiful details I had not noticed previously.  The lush plantings along the boulevards and even in the parking areas.  The colorful bouganville and agapanthus in full glory that we take so for granted.  Even how very nice working air conditioning and a good cd are on a long drive home!

I think that was the real lesson of the day – to appreciate goodness and beauty in big things and small in my daily life.  Miche Demi Reyna was looking her lustrous best, with her deep, rich fuchsia tones perfectly complemented and contrasted in the color and texture of the Black Rope Handles and the bit of bling she wore – the Miche Taffy purse charmer.   There was a time in my life when a dumpy sack on a strap was all I could call a purse.  How fortunate I am to be at this point in my life, able to enjoy little lovely luxuries every day.

So tell me – what little beauties are you enjoying in your life?  I am going to try to be more observant and appreciative of the goodness in my life.  Something tells me the more I count my blessings, the more blessings I will find to count!

If you ever have questions or comments, please contact me, Kat your Miche Representative.  To let me know what blessings and beauties you are enjoying, or to let me know what you and your Miche bag are up to, just click on the bubble to the right of the title of this post and type away!  Or write to me at [email protected].

Until Tuesday ~ Enjoy the beauty in every day!


Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

Miche Sale! Memorial Day Discount on Miche Classic Bundle!

Miche Classic Bundle on Sale through Memorial Day!

Miche is having a Memorial Day Party — and you are invited!  Right now through  11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Thursday, May 31, 2012, the Miche Classic Bundle — a Miche Classic base (black, white or brown) and any two Classic shells of your choice are on sale at a savings of $10-$20!

Miche Classic Base plus any 2 shells -- on sale!

That is the Classic Base of your choice, the Black, the White — so perfect for summer! — or the Brown, and any two classic shells, whether Signature, Premium or Luxe.

My first introduction to Miche was the Black Classic Base, with Classic Silvia and Jayma:

Miche Classic shell Silvia

Miche classic shell Jayma

Wildly chic








Aren’t they gorgeous?!?  If this is your first time trying Miche, or you are giving this as a gift — what a perfect time to do so — with such a great discount.  Or have you been thinking about updating your summer wardrobe with a White Miche base, but just hadn’t quite decided?  Now is the time! 

For summer, I am going to the White Classic base:

 Miche Classic Base in White



The handles and the ends are bright white, while the magnetic sides covered by the shell remain black.  With the shell in place, all of the base that shows is the white handles and ends of the purse.


Adding the white base for summer is the easy choice.  Which shells to add — so many options!  I think I’ll try:

Miche Classic Ashton shell perfect for summer!



Miche Classic Ashton — Cool, crisp and perfect for the summer season and hottest color trends.




 Miche Classic Nicole shell



Miche Classic Nicole looks so festive!  I love the rich raspberry coloring set off so beautifully with the white stripes.  Paired with the Miche Classic Base in White — she will definitely turn heads.


Miche May 2012 Classic shell Jasmine


I already have the lovely Miche Classic Jasmine.  But yesterday, I saw it on the white base and was blown away by how great the combination looked!  It had never occurred to me to put the two together, but they are definitely a winning combo!


Please remember — this sale is good for any of the Miche Classic bases — black, brown or white — and any two of the Classic shells of your choice.  Place your order now to enjoy this great savings!  This sale will end 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Thursday, May 31, 2012.  So place your order today!

All you need to do is go shopping, add 1 Miche Classic Base and any 2 Miche Classic shells to your cart.  The website will automatically calculate your discount and savings!  Its that simple! 

And to make a great thing even better — your Miche Classic Bundle on sale will qualify you for my Miche May Charms promotion!   Just place an order directly through me, or through my online store for $60 or more before shipping and sales tax.  Then send me an e-mail with Charm! as the subject and include your order number.  Your new purse bling will be on its way within 48 hours.

bling purse charm purse jewelybling purse charm purse jewelry



As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!  I am your Miche Representative, and here to help!



If you are looking for the Miche Black Rope Handles or the Miche Pewter Rope Handles, and they are not in the online store — contact me!  I have both in stock, and can have them sent right out to you.

If you have any Miche questions, or about Miche products or promotions, please contact me, Kat McCarthy your Miche Representative. Call me at 760.845.0621, or write to me at [email protected]  If you are ready to go shopping, just click here, or on the Shop Online button in the upper right of your screen.

Smile and be happy ~ It looks great on you!


Miche Celebrates Hope with Inspirational Bags and Shells!

“I live in strength and confidence” “It’s not about living or dying…it’s about living until I die”   “I found more beauty in the world, and had more faith in humanity”

Miche Hope shells collection Prima Hope Demi Hope Classic Hope Petite Hope

These words of strength and determination are quotes from cancer survivors who have inspired the Miche Hope line of shells.  Proceeds from each sale are donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, where 100% of all Miche donations go directly to research for a cure.  Every 3-4 months, Miche releases an entirely new design of Hope shells and retires earlier models.  For a limited time, all of those pictured above are available to order — Miche Hope shells new for May, sentimental favorites and newly available retired shells alike. 

Miche initiated this campaign in 2010 as a way of giving back to the community.  With the support of customers like you, they have now donated just over $2,000,000 to fund the search for a cure.  If you would like to Celebrate Hope, or to enjoy fashionable, functional art while giving back ~ there has never been a better time!  This is your opportunity to add a rare Miche shell to your collection, to celebrate the life of a cancer survivor, or simply to celebrate the power of Hope!

Miche Hope Red Black Chain Handles



My personal favorite is the Miche Classic (Red) with the black chain handles.  I love the vibrant colors, the whimsical design, and the inspiration…

Which is your favorite Miche Hope Shell?



To ensure your summer season gets off to a great start, I am offering a new promotion!  Place an order for $60 or more in product (before shipping and sales tax) and I will send you a free purse charmer!  Whether you are ordering Hope shells like those above, must-have accessories like the rope handles in black and pewter or getting your summer Miche wardrobe in order, I would like to add some bling to your style.  This promotion runs through May 31st.

Purse Charmers stylish purse jewely

~ Simply place your order of $60 through my online store, or contact me personally if you need those rope handles that sell out so quickly – yes!  I have them in stock!  When you have placed your qualifying order, just send me an e-mail at [email protected] with Charmer! in the subject line.  Include your order number, and your purse charmer will be on its way within 48 hours!

Purse charmer purse jewelry

purse charmer purse jewelry



Have fun shopping! 





Miche Accessory Fashion Black Rope Handles

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Miche Black Rope Handles?  Enough so that I just had to get them in Pewter, too!   Miche Fashion Handles Pewter Rope HandlesBut I am not the only one who loves these  accessories — they are flying out of the Miche store!  So I have ordered several pairs of Miche rope handles in both Black and Pewter for my loyal customers.  If you cannot find them online – contact me!  I will send them right out for you.

Contact me if you have any questions.  Just call Kat, your Miche Representative  at 760.845.0621 or write to me at [email protected].  Ready to go shopping?  Just click here, or on the Shop Online button at the top right of your screen.

Enjoy your day — it’s a gift!