May 2013 Miche Shells Order Now + Select Up to 3 FREE Shells!

May 2013 Miche Shells and Cover Your Bases Promotion

Miche is starting May 2013 with a bright and beautiful bang!  19 new styles available to order now, and a new promotion that enables you to get up to 3 FREE retired or current shells of your choice from a select group of 60+!  Click here for details!

Miche May 2013 shells available to order now!

Extravagant color, fun styling, and the opportunity to add current or retired shells to your collection FREE with qualifying purchase – May 2013 is looking very bright!  Read up on the Cover Your Bases promotion for FREE Miche shells with your qualifying purchase, then let’s start ordering before beauties like the Miche Demi Monica are gone!

May 2013 Miche Classic Shells Review and Pricing:

May 2013 Miche Classic Mila enemble

Miche Classic Mila glows in rich, marbled shades of fabulous red in a luxurious faux croc texture, with a glossy finish.  Roomy end pockets with added detailing round out a playful take on a very chic classic.  $29.95  Miche Classic Mila is now available to order by clicking hereThank you for your business!

May 2013 Miche Classic Tanya shellMiche Classic Tanya is sophisticated with a funky vibe.  Conservative with a wink!   The green snake-skin patterned faux leather is super soft, and beautifully accented with the cobble stone textured corner caps.

Stylish with jeans and a tee-shirt, striking with your power suit, and so chic with a little black dress!  Such versatility!  $24.95

Click here to order Miche Classic Tanya now.  Thanks so much!

Spring 2013 Miche Classic Leta faux red ostrich

Miche Classic Leta in bright salmon pink, faux ostrich texture just smiles with charm. Cleverly accented with a tan strap and silver buckle detail across the top corner.   Perfectly accessorized here with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the Interchangeable Tan Rope Strap.  Roomy end pockets complete the package.  Start summer off right by adding Leta to your wardrobe!  $29.95  Click here to order!  Thank you for your business!

May 2013 Miche Classic Vicky ensemble

Miche Classic Vicky glows and gleams with sheer confidence born of elegant styling and sophisticated design.  Richly marbled faux snake-skin in bronze and copper metallic tones is soft and supple.  Lushly gathered for an oppulent effect, she is chic and very versatile.  Perfect for a busy day running errands in jeans and a button down, yet effortlessly accenting that new sundress when you go out for dinner.  Enjoy! :)  $24.95  Click here to purchase the lovely Vicky!  I do appreciate your business!

Miche Cover Your bases promotion details - FREE shells with purchase

May 2013 Miche Demi Shells review and pricing:

spring 2013 Miche Demi Karma rec croc with silver chain handlesSubtle is good…  But sometimes sizzling is better!  Miche Demi Karma does just that in a glossy red faux croc texture so beautifully rendered it just amazes me.  Rich, vivid reds both bright and dark are subtly marbled throughout this shell.  Smooth ruching details on the sides and a roomy, zippered pocket across the back ensure that such beautiful Karma is both sexy and secure!  $34.95

Click here for glorious Miche Demi Karma!  You’ll love her!

May 2013 Miche Demi Azailia purple and white ombre shellIf they say Blonds have more fun, what must they say about us Demi girls?  I think the splashy Miche Demi Azailia says it all!   Vivid orchid purple and white ombre pattern sparkles with small, silver studs all about this cheerful shell.  Bright and bold, she is utterly beautiful and not the least bit shy about the matter!

Celebrating the individuality of every woman, each Azailia is just a bit different from every other as the ombre pattern varies from shell to shell.  $34.95  Order your Azailia by clicking here!  Thanks so much for your business!spring 2013 Miche Demi Marlena black with silver detailing

Never again, will I even think the phrase “just another black bag”.  Miche’s endlessly inventive designer Jenny cured me of that with the lovely Demi shells Felicity, Eve and Christina.  But still, the colors in the catalog makes your heart go pitter-pat and you nearly over look the sensational and chic Miche Demi Marlena.  What a mistake that would be!    Marlena’s sophisticated styling starts with that super soft, subtly textured matte black faux leather.  Then generous gathers create lovely folds across her front, caught with a belt strap and double buckle hardware.  The edgy detailing is topped off with a double row of high gloss patent leather at the top and bottom of the strap and across the side pockets – winking and catching the light with every move.  Perfectly styled above with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the black strap.  $34.95   To order Miche Demi Marlena click here – and enjoy! :)  Thank you!

May 2013 Miche Demi Heather ensembleI confess…  When I first saw Miche Demi Heather and her big sister, the Prima Maryanne in the catalog – I was not a fan.  But that’s ok – I am not required to love every design Miche produces, and I knew many customers would love the kaleidoscope effect of the bright colors.  But the Aztec inspiration thing – not me.  Likewise wild patterns (unless, of course, they are animal prints!).  But I ordered this shell so I could give a thorough and accurate description for my readers.

Wow!  I opened the box – and there she was!  Bright jewel tones in a riot of glorious color and unabashed fabulousness!  And I have not carried another purse since she arrived!  Wearing red?  She is perfect!  Teal?  Marvelous!  Gold, green, orange, purple, blue, tan, black or white?  She will make any day a party!  Accented with rich tan faux leather collar and strap details, anchored with large silver rivets.  Bold, brash and boho-chic!  $39.95   Any day with Heather on your arm – you just know it will be great!  Find out for yourself by clicking here.   Enjoy!!!

May 2013 Miche demi Loretta shell with strap and buckle accentCan you say “sassy salmon Miche shells – so sexy sweet!”?  Miche Demi Loretta in a luscious coral toned salmon pink faux ostrich leather is all of that and more.  The rakish taupe belt and buckle hardware across the upper corner gives an edgy vibe to this playful shell.  Watch her brighten up any casual outfit in neutral shades.  $39.95

Perfectly accessorized with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the Tan Rope Strap for a flawless presentation.  Click here to order Miche Demi Loretta.  Thanks!

May 2013 Miche Demi Jordan shell with green tassle

Miche Demi Jordan is understated in her soft dove grey faux leather – so smooth – and subtle detailing.   A bright slash of spring green in the sash detailing, is joined by a silver ring.  Topped off with extra long double tassels adds a flash of whimsy.  $34.95

Beautiful paired with the Black Rope Handles, Miche Demi Jordan can be ordered by clicking hereThank you for your business!

May 2013 Miche Demi Bianca outfit safari lookThis is the shell I knew I would love as soon as I saw her picture.  And I was sooooo right!  Miche Demi Bianca is super soft and her slightly faded, large-scale, semi-abstract snake-skin pattern is fabulous.  Creams and taupe, tans and greys combine to form a splendidly wild, totally neutral, fantastic accessory for any color – and especially suited for the safari look so hot this season.  Trimmed with rich tan faux leather straps and a double buckle detailing, there is an inset, extra wide and deep zippered pocket across the back of the shell.  Beautiful as is, stunning with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and those Tan Rope Straps$39.95

Go wild with Miche Demi Bianca and click here to orderWe’ll both be glad you did!  :)

Miche Cover Your bases promotion details - FREE shells with purchaseMay 2013 Miche Prima and Petite Shells Review and Pricing:

May 2013 Miche prima Tatum outfit

Remember when Summer spelled the end of stress and work and was nothing but fun and friends and flirting?  OK – maybe a few things have changed, but surely not the joy of fun in the sun!  Miche Prima Tatum in her glowing tangerine faux leather with chic black piping details is ready for any summer adventure you have planned or might stumble into!   Roomy end pockets.  Accessorized above with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and black strap.  $44.95

Order Miche Prima Tatum by clicking here.  Thanks so much!

spring 2013 Miche prima Valicity bronze faux lizard skinMiche Prima Valicity is true glam.  Richly textured faux snake-skin gleams in metallic bronze and copper tones.  Lushly gathered so ever fold catches the light, this is a sensuous style.  Deep espresso faux leather is very soft and supple, forming the base and piping across the end pockets.  $39.95

Beautiful as shown here with the Silver Interchangeable Silver Chain Handles and brown strap.   Add Miche Prima Valicity to your summer wardrobe by clicking here.  Thank you!

spring 2013 Miche prima shell Maryanne with silver chains and taupe straps kaleidoscope colorsLike her little sister Demi heather above, Miche Prima Maryanne is a party in a purse!   Rich jewel toned colors riot through a kaleidoscope pattern, twirling with joy.  Accented with soft tan faux leather and buckled strap detailing, this is the perfect tote for a summer day.  I defy you to carry Maryanne and not smile!  Roomy end pockets!  $44.95

Perfectly accessorized with the Silver Interchangeable Handles and the Tan Rope Straps, as shown.  Dress up or down – this statement piece will make your outfit sing!

Grab an armful of fashion fun with Miche Prima Maryanne by clicking here I so appreciate your business!

spring 2013 Miche Petite Inga bronze faux lizard texture

Miche Petite Inga packs a lot of glam into so small a package.  As lushly detailed as her bigger sisters, Classic Vicky and Prima Valicity, her metallic tones of marbled bronze and copper dress up the most casual outfit, and look just right for a night on the town dining and dancing!  $18.95

Click here to order Miche Petite Inga for your summer fun!   Thank you for your business!

Miche Cover Your bases promotion details - FREE shells with purchase May 2013 Miche Wallets and Hip Bags:

May 2013 Miche soft wallets red croc and tan snake skin

The newest Miche Soft Wallets are stylish, secure and thoughtfully designed.  They are both such a narrow profile, yet clever pleating of the back and inner pockets allow for a surprising amount of storage space.  Zippered and snap closures are perfect to keep your valuables secure.  The Red Croc Wallet is a perfect match for the Classic Mila and the Demi Karma.  And of course the Tan Snake-skin Wallet is a perfect mate to Miche Demi Bianca.   Much as I do love my leopard print Miche wallet, I think I’ll be switching to this one.  The first doesn’t show a sign of wear, but I like the roominess and the zippered closures of these designs. Fantastic for you – terrific as a gift.  And Mother’s Day is right around the corner…  $29.95 

To order Miche May 2013 Soft Wallets – click here.  Thanks so much!

May 2013 Miche Hip Bags porter and Porsha

For those days on the go – at the zoo, the park, on the cruise…  what?  Right!  For those days you need to travel light – do so in style!  Miche Hip Bag Porter in softest dove grey is sleek and stylish, and Miche Hip Bag Porsha is just a bundle of fun and fabulous color!  Each comes with her own matching convertible strap and is fully self-contained.  $34.95 – another terrific gift for yourself or friend or family!

Click here to order your May 2013 Miche Hip Bag Porsha or Porter.  Thank you!

There you have it!  The Marvelous Miche Release for May 2013!  Whew!  I’d love to hear what you think, and all about your favorites.   But some of the retired shells currently available for FREE with your qualifying order (which starts at just $50) will soon be gone!   With over 60 shells both current and retired to select from, have fun with this opportunity to expand your own Miche collection or to start a friend or family member off on her own Miche adventure!  But you had better get going before your favorites are snapped up!  These FREE shell options are in limited supply, and for certain some, like the retired Miche Demi Monica will not last long.

Miche Cover Your bases promotion details - FREE shells with purchase

Remember, as your order total reaches $50 or more, you will have links to the sets of shells you can select from for FREE appear in your shopping cart!  1 FREE shell with an order of $50-$99, 2 for $100-$149 and 3 FREE shells with your order of $150 or more.

Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi JoellaAnd be sure to join your order to our Online Mystery Hostess Miche Party.  Every order is entered into a drawing to win all of the Hostess rewards for the order totals through May 15th!  Join by clicking on a party link or just click “I need to attach my order to a party” in your Shopping Bag as you check out.  So easy!  :)

Free shells, a stress free party, fabulous new styles and colors.  Yep – looks like we are in for a beautiful summer!

Please contact me with any questions you might have, about the new May Miche line, the Cover Your Bases promotion, the Online Mystery Hostess party – or how best to make your Miche match.  I am your Miche representative and I am here for you!  Call Kat at 760.757.9179 or write to me at [email protected]  Let’s talk Miche!

Be sure to book mark this site so you can return for more Miche fun and fashion articles!  I always post a new article every Tuesday, and frequently a few in between.  If you have enjoyed this post, please “like” it on Facebook below and tell the whole world about it! :)

Have fun and stay fabulous!

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Miche May 2013 Style Forecast – Fun & Fabulous Looks!

May 2013 Miche Shells and Promotions

Miche’s Collection of shells for May 2013 shows a fashion forecast of fun colors, designs and patterns, funky styles and fabulous looks.  Be sure to study the Cover Your Bases Promotion details to get your FREE shellsShop May 1st!

May 2013 Miche Classic Vicky ensemble
I want to share some of my favorite looks for the new May 2013 Miche shells with you.  This is just a fun small collection of ideas – I would love to know what you think!

The lush, marbled copper and bronze faux snake-skin of the May 2013 Miche Classic Vicky above is sleek and stylish.  Classic yet opulent both in feel and style.  Chic – with attitude.  The same wonderful faux leather and styling is available in the Prima sized Valicity.  Both will be available to order May 1st!  Please return here to place your order and snag your free shells with the Miche May 2013 Cover Your Bases Promotion!

May 2013 Miche Classic Mila enemble
Sometimes, extravagant indulgence in rich, wondrous color makes a statement all its own.  The fantastically detailed faux croc texture of Miche Classic Mila (as well as the Demi Karma) is beautifully marbled from dark to bright rich red.  Finished with a glossy sheen, this is another classic with a high octane twist.  First available to order May 1st I do so appreciate your business!  :)

May 2013 Miche Demi Heather ensemble
OK – truth time.  When I first saw the photos of the wildly colored Miche Demi Heather and the Prima Maryanne, I thought – well… OK.  Some people will surely love it.  Different strokes, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder – etc.  I only ordered this shell so I could do a complete and detailed job of blogging and demonstrating this style for you.  Yes – I take my service to you  very seriously – but don’t feel too badly for me!  I knew I would really love some of the other shells I ordered.  This was just good business.

Then the box arrived.  I kid you not – I don’t care that this isn’t my style – or I didn’t think it was!  And I don’t care that wild patterns (outside of animal prints) aren’t me either.  Oh – and the Aztec influence – another personal turn off.  yep – I don’t care, because I have been carrying Heather with me every single day since she arrived!  The colors are not just bright – they are vibrant and truly rich.  This is a fabric shell, with minute embroidery style stitching that gives a very high-end look and feel to this shell.  The colors are amazing – pair it with red, fuchsia, bright yellow, orange, teal, purple, taupe, black, emerald – yep – she looks amazing with them all!  I cannot believe how much fun I am having with this shell I had completely dismissed from interest!

You do need to know the Demi does not have side pockets, while the Prima does.  For Heather – I do not miss those pockets! :)  Both of these beauties are available to order May 1st!  Please do so here!  (And don’t forget your free shells!)

May 2013 Miche Demi Bianca outfit safari look
The safari sensational Miche Demi Bianca is the shell I knew from first sight that I would love – and I was so right!  Supple, soft faux leather in a faded snake-skin pattern with intricate strap and buckle detailing – simply fabulous.  You won’t miss the side pockets here – she has a deep, roomy, zippered pocket all the way across the back of the shell.  Go wild and enjoy the safari style.  Miche Demi Bianca is the perfect accessory to start you on your way!   Available to order May 1st.

May 2013 Miche Classic Leta outfit
Miche Classic Leta is a playful take on chic.  Luscious watermelon faux ostrich texture is accented with taupe and silver strap and buckle hardware.  Accessorized perfectly with the Interchangeable Taupe Rope Strap and the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles.  This charming style is also available in the Demi Loretta.   Please review the Free Shells with Purchase Miche promotion here, then return to this site May 1st to place your order and snag those free shells you select!

May 2013 Miche Demi Azailia ensemble
The raspberry-purple ombre patterned Miche Demi Azailia is simply fabulous!  Studded with bright silver brads that wink and twinkle in the light – every shell is uniquely patterned with the white and purple striated color.  The only disappointment I have with this shell is that there are no white and silver handles or a white strap option to style her with.  I have finally decided to go with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles with their black strap.  But she is a beauty!

May 2013 Miche prima Tatum outfit
And finally – at least for today – my fruit salad image of the tangerine Miche Prima Tatum shell paired with a lemon yellow halter top and a day of safe and sexy Fun in the Sun!   This is the one truly hot color of the season Miche seemed to have missed this year – we all gave up too soon!  Citrus colors are all very “in”, and none more so than this juicy tangerine.   First available to order May 1st.  please return here – I do appreciate your business!

So there you have a few of my favorite looks for the newest Miche shells May 2013.  I would ask you to take a moment and leave a comment to let me know what you think.  But I think instead you should spend the time studying the Miche Cover Your Bases FREE Shell with purchase promotion by clicking here!   Be sure you understand how the 3 different Tiers work, and which shells and how many you can get with different sized orders.  Both current and highly sought after retired shells will be available – for FREE – with your Miche purse of just $50 or more for the month of May 2013.  If you have any questions about how this promotion works – please let me know!

Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi JoellaAny questions about the new May 2013 Miche shells or styles?  Do you need the FREE shell(s) with your purchase promotion clarified?  Can I help you to find the right Mother’s Day gift, or your own Miche match?  Let me know!  I am your Miche Representative, and I am here for you!  Just contact me or give me a call – 760.757.9179 or  send me an e-mail at [email protected]   Let’s talk Miche!

And when you place your order through my Online Mystery Hostess Miche Party – your order will get you entered into a drawing to win all of the Hostess Rewards for all of the orders placed!  No cooking, no cleaning!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow to place your order and snag the FREE Miche shell or shells of your choice!  To learn more about all things Miche, or to keep up with current and coming fashions and trends, please bookmark this site.  I always post a new article every Tuesday, and frequently a few in between.  If you have enjoyed this post, please “like” it on Facebook below and tell the whole world about it! :)

Smile – happiness is a terrific look for you!

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Miche May 2013 Collection! Get Your First Peek at New Shells

Miche’s May 2013 Collection will soon be available to order – and I can now give you this first peek at the new shells!   Bright colors, rich textures, vibrant colors and more!  Let’s get started!

Spring 2013 Miche Classic Mila red croc purse with silver chain handles

Miche May 2013 Classic Shells

In fact – let’s start with a bang!  Miche Classic Mila in a fabulous glossy red faux croc texture makes an emphatic statement!  Subtle shading, black top-stitching and a classic look with a twist – she is sure to please.  Roomy end pockets.  Miche Mila is first available to order on May 1st.  I hope you’ll shop with me! :)  $29.95

2013 Miche Classic Vicky bronze lizard texture with silver chain handlesMiche Classic Vicky is a lovely bronze faux lizard texture with a glossy, metallic sheen.  Another classic – and a neutral, too, but with serious attitude!   On trend for both the metallics and the animal print/safari look we will see so much of.  And paired with the silver interchangeable handles as shown left, we see the popular mixed metals look put to good effect.

Miche Classic Vicky may first be ordered here on May 1st.  $24.95.

Isn’t she fabulous?

Spring 2013 Miche Classic Tanya green lizard print

New for May 2013, the Miche Classic Tanya also covers 3 style bases with flair.  The endlessly versatile green is rendered in a complex faux snake-skin pattern, accented with black detailing.  Get your green going in an intriguing pattern and take it on a safari!

Miche Tanya is first available to order through my online store May 1st – mark the day (and this website!).  $24.95

Spring 2013 Miche Classic Leta faux red ostrich

Is she pink?  Is she red?   The debate has already begun.  I come down on a rich shade of watermelon – when i see her in person, I’ll update you if I change my opinion.  But everyone agrees that Miche Classic Leta is a hit!   Rich watermelon hued faux ostrich is accented by a taupe strap detail and silver buckle.  Fun!  Absolutely perfect with the Taupe rope straps and interchangeable silver chain handles as shown above.   Roomy end pockets seal the deal.  First available to order here on May 1st!  $29.95

Miche May 2013 Demi Shells

spring 2013 Miche Demi Heather kaleidoscope psychedelic colors
She just grabs your attention, doesn’t she?  Miche Demi Heather is rendered in a kaleidoscope of Aztec prints and wild colors including – but not limited to – orange and teal and green and tan and black and hot pink and…   Anchored with taupe faux leather accents, Demi Heather is ready for anything and at a moment’s notice.   Fiesta!   $39.95

spring 2013 Miche Demi Marlena black with silver detailingYou would have thought the lovely Eve would have cured me of ever thinking Miche would come out with a “just another black purse”.  But I was still surprised at the wonderful detailing of Christina.  So when the opportunity came for me to get the newest black Miche Demi Marlena – I jumped at it – and was not disappointed!

Incredibly soft, matte black faux leather is accented with glossy patent leather strips and straps with silver buckle detailing.  This is sharp and sassy and more beautiful than you can tell from photos.  I’ll have to do a video to give you a better view.  $34.95

spring 2013 Miche Demi Bianca with silver chains and taupe rope handles faux snake skinThe abstract snake-skin print and supple faux leather of May’s Miche Demi Bianca make this an instant favorite.  How could just one shell be a perfect neutral, a fun animal print, perfect for the safari look we see so much of, and bring together the intricate pattern trend so hot this season?

She is fun and fantastic, chic and playful, and I am so glad to add her to my wardrobe!  Taupe faux leather accents and belting details with silver buckles are the cherry on the sundae!  $39.95

spring 2013 Miche Demi Karma rec croc with silver chain handlesDemi girls – do not despair!  The fab faux croc in rich, marbled red of the Classic Mila above is available for you, too!  Meet Miche Demi Karma.

As you can see from the photo left – she is simply smashing!   And you can make her yours on May 1st.  Please be sure to return here to place your order! :)  $34.95

Wonderful with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles!

spring May 2013 Miche Demi Jordan with green tassle tie and black rope handles

Miche Demi Jordan is understated in her soft dove grey faux leather and subtle detailing.   A bright slash of spring green in the sash detailing, topped off with a double tassel adds a touch of whimsy.

First available to order May 1st – less than a week from now!  Be making your list now, especially for Mother’s Day to ensure you receive your goodies in time!   $34.95

Spring 2013 Miche Demi Azailia purple ombre with silver chain handles

If the saying is “Blondes have more fun” what do you suppose they say about Demi girls?  Look at this fabulous shell of rich raspberry and white ombre printed canvas with little silver studs sparkling from around her shell.  Every Miche Demi Azailia shell will be just a bit different from the next as the ombre patterning varies.  $34.95

Miche Azailia just looks like a party!  Want to join her?

spring 2013 Miche Demi Loretta poppy red ostrich texture with taupe strap and chain handles

Though a bit tricky to see in this photo, the watermelon hued, faux ostrich textured Miche Demi Loretta is such a fun design!   The belt strap detail cuts across the upper left corner and fastens with a silver buckle – just marvelous!  $39.95

Shown here with the Silver Interchangeable Chain Handles and the Taupe rope straps.  A perfect combo!


May 2013 Miche Prima Shells

spring 2013 Miche Prima Tatum tangerine
If you were wondering, like some other customers, where Miche’s tangerine shells were – wonder no longer!   Bright citrussy faux leather is accented with black piping and ready to join in with the other citrus colors so hot this season.

Miche Prima Tatum will brighten your day all summer long!  $44.95

spring 2013 Miche prima Valicity bronze faux lizard skin
The fabulous bronzed faux leather skin of the Classic Vicky is repeated here on a grand scale with Miche Prima Valicity.  This is so rich and luxurious in its look and feel – you will not be disappointed!  A deep espresso, smooth faux leather forms the base of this elegant bag.  I like the mixed metals look with the silver chain, but I also look forward to trying it with the antique brass – I’ll let you know what i think!   $39.95

OOPS!  Click here for details on Miche Prima Maryanne!

May 2013 Miche Petite Shell and Hip Bags

spring 2013 Miche Petite Inga bronze faux lizard texture

The same luscious bronze tones and styling of the prima above are repeated in the Miche Petite Inga.  Small in stature and she packs a stylish punch!   Lavish gathers cause the light to ripple across the softly folded faux leather.  Lending a touch of glam to a casual day, or go for a night on the town – Inga is ready to go!   $18.95

Like all of the shells listed above, she is available to order on May 1st.   Come shopping with me!  :)

spring 2013 Miche Wallet Tan Snake
The new Miche soft wallet has a fun style and intelligent design features!  An accordion pleated back zippered pocket is surprisingly roomy, and the snap closure is nicely secure.  With a section to hold your check book, if you can find anyone who still accepts checks!   $29.95

2013 Miche Hip Bag porter with green tassle detailSpring May 2013 Miche Hip Bag Porsha raspberry and redLook at the fun and colorful styles for the newest Miche Hip Bags!   The Porsha is a vibrant combination of raspberry, deep red and bright poppy.  The adjustable strap is in a matching raspberry! $34.95

The Porter is sweet and sassy.  Pale dove grey accented with a wide strap of bright spring green, and a fanciful tassel of green and pale grey.  $34.95

Have I missed something?   I will make a careful check – but I know how anxious you are to get your first glimpse of the latest Miche styles and shells.  What a fun and fabulous summer we have in store!

Oops!  I did indeed miss something – 2 things in fact – a fabulous new Prima shell – Miche Prima Maryanna – click here for details.  And there is still another new Miche wallet.  Check back soon for details!

So now that you have seen the new collection – what do you think?  See someone you need?  Or perhaps something for a terrific Mother’s Day gift?  Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

If you have any questions for how to best find your own Miche match – let me know!  I am your Miche representative, and I am here for you!  Just leave me a comment, send me an e-mail at [email protected] or contact me or give me a call – 760.757.9179.  Let’s talk Miche!

Have fun and stay fabulous!

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