Miche Anniversary Deal of the Day & BIG News Coming!

Miche’s Anniversary Sale is going strong, but nearing its conclusion!  Just a few more days to get super savings on the Miche Anniversary Bundles, and 3 more Deals of the Day!  Don’t miss out on these terrific savings!  OR on the big news to come!

Miche’s July 12th. 2013 Deal of the Day is 60% off the Miche Classic Lillian and Prima Robie!  Beautiful, jewel toned shells in lavish style.

Miche Deal of the Day July 12th 2013 60% off Classic Lillian and prima Robie

Miche Classic Lillian is one of my all time favorite Classic shells.  No frills, no bling, but plenty of glamor.  Richly croc textured faux leather is rendered in a luscious raspberry that seems to glow from within.  Utterly spectacular.  And on sale at 60% off – this is a steal at $9.98 for one day only!

Miche Prima Robie is a heavily marbled amethyst shell with a lovely interplay of colors.  Set off with pearl grey piping – she makes a statement.   Perfect for summer, these rich colors transition beautifully into fall as well.  On sale, this one day only for just $15.98.  Don’t miss out!

** Click here for super savings on Miche’s Deal of the Day!**

And what, or what is the big secret Miche is teasing???  A new product line, we think…  The rumors abound!  Stay tuned here – when I know – I will be sure to tell you!

Something new from Miche Fall 2013 - what will Miche's secret be?

Will Miche be offering jewelry?  This is the leading rumor at the moment…  Or will we be seeing business gear like padfolios, briefcases, iPad and laptop cases?  Or will it be luggage?  Are the chains in the graphic above a clue – or a diversion?  Some believe these are confirmation that the jewelry is what we can look forward to.  Others are expecting new handles or perhaps a preview of the September 2013 Luxe line.

The only certainty at this point, is that the news is SO big – the entire fall line of Miche shells must be released 2 full weeks early to make room!  I can hardly stand the waiting!  And tomorrow, I get to show and tell all about the new August 2013 shells which will actually go on sale Monday, July 15th!

Today I can only give you a small hint about the coming shells for Fall 2013, but I am also going to sneak you an extra hint!  Don’t tell!

Miche August 2013 shells preview hints
These small swatches give you just a hint of the gorgeous colors, patterns and detailing you will see with the new Fall 2013 Miche line.  I am itching to show you much more…  So here is a better peek at one of my favorites for August – available to order Monday!

August 2013 Miche shell closeup snow leopard print with rivet detailing

How fabulous is that!  I cannot show or tell more until tomorrow.  Be sure to bookmark this site and return for all the news and these wonderful new shells!

**I so appreciate your business!  Thank you for shopping with me!!**

If you have any questions – let me know!  I am your Miche representative and I am here for you!  Questions about Miche’s Anniversary BundlesThe Deal of the Day?  Do you think you know Miche’s Secret?  Do you have one of your own to share?  Are you waiting for the fabulous new fall style?  Contact me!  Call Kat 760.757.9179 or write to me at [email protected]
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Have a wonderful evening – and stay in touch!  Big news is coming!

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Miche Deal of the Day – 50% Off! and Miche Fall 2013 Prep!

Miche’s latest Anniversary Deal of the Day for July 11th is 50% off the snazzy Miche Petite Jackie and the retro fab Miche Prima ParkerMiche Deal of the Day July 11th 2013 50% off Petite Jacki prima Parker














Miche Petite Jackie packs a lot of style in one small package.  Soft, supple faux leather in an antiqued teal is generously draped and gathered for a rich look.  Side pockets for extra storage and an easy elegance make her a perfect accessory for days you are traveling light – or nights you want to make an impression!  50% off$9.48

Miche Prima Parker is a fabulous chartreuse faux croc texture that makes a statement.  A bright accent piece, this livens up any neutral based outfit, and is especially lovely with black.  Make your own fashion statement!  50% off$22.48

Time is flying past, and the super savings for Miche’s Anniversary Sale will not last for long!  July 14th will be the last day to build your own Anniversary Bundle for one low price.  And the last Deal of the Day will be July 14th.   Be sure to check back each evening to see the following Day’s big deals!

So what happens after the 14th?  By then we should know the answer to the big Miche Mystery.  And for certain, the new Miche shells for August 2013 will be available to order on July 15th – stay tuned!  I wish I could show you the fabulous new styles!  For now, all I can do is show you these teaser partial swatches:

Miche August 2013 shells preview hints
You can see there will be some wonderful colors, and a bit of the braiding detail on the rich teal.  The animal print is given an edgier vibe with cool hardware detailing and some of these prints are so fun – you won’t believe it!  Bookmark this site so you can return for all the complete images and descriptions, just as soon as I am allowed to publish them!

If you have any questions – about the Anniversary Bundles, or the Deal of the Day, the new August 2013 Miche shells, or how to stay sane while the tension and excitement mounts for the new announcement?  Let me know!  I am your Miche representative, and I am here for you!  Call me 760.757.9179 or send me an e-mail at [email protected]
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You’re beautiful!  Make sure the world knows it!

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Miche Secret Soon to be Revealed + Savings & Early Ordering!

Big Miche news is coming your way – and I wish I knew what it was!  All I know at this point is that the news is SO big – it is pushing the entire August 2013 Miche Fall shells release date up to July 15th!  Fun and fabulous fall fashions coming soon!  But what is  the big secret?

Miche ring what is Miche secret August 2013

If I knew – I would tell you!  Perhaps that is why Miche keeps secrets?  We do know for certain that such big news is coming – August 2013 shells have to be released 2 weeks early!  Check back here for full review of the new Miche Fall 2013 line on Friday, July 12th – the shells and accessories will go on sale on July 15th!   Will we know the secret by then?  So has been promised…

Miche crystal ring is this Miche's secret?This image of a beautiful, lavish ring is the latest hint… or is it merely misdirection?  It has been rumored that Miche will be launching a new product line.  Could it be fine jewelry?  Many rumors are flying, and this has spurred those who are expecting jewelry.

We do know certain representatives will receive this ring, and others will be able to purchase it on July 15th…  Other reps?  Customers?  Hmmm…

Maybe I have a particularly devious mind, but I think this was released as a tease to distract us from the real answer…  But I don’t know what it is…

I do know that there is a huge savings on Miche’s 10th Deal of the Day!

Miche Deal of the Day July 10th 2013 50% off!













The Miche Silver Snake Wristlet is a sleek, chic answer to an elegant evening out after a hard day fighting all the battles life can throw at you.  Simply slide your favorite lipstick, compact, cards and keys in, slip the band on your wrist – and you are ready to go dancing!  30% off for Wednesday, July 10th 2013.  $17.47!

Miche Prima Melanie is just as cool and elegant for day time as the wristlet above is for the night.  This is a beautiful bag for spring and summer, but doubles as a perfect “winter white”.  Simple.  Stylish.  Sophisticated.  On sale 30% off – $27.97!

** Remember – these terrific deals are good for one day only!  You won’t see these discounts on July 11th – it will be a different set of items discounted.  If you see something you love – snag it at a great discount! **

Be sure to check back for the next Deal of the Day – I will post each Deal the evening before they go live.  And check back for the full review and details on the new August 2013 Miche shells –

Such lovely colors, fantastic prints, fun detailing and terrific styling – I cannot wait to show you more of the August 2013 Miche shells!  Check back July 12th for all the pictures and details – these beauties are available to order July 15th!

Miche August 2013 shells preview hints







Definitely some new must-haves in this collection for me!  And the secret…  Any news I learn – I will be sure to share.  Stay tuned…

If you have any questions – let me know!  I am your Miche representative and I am here for you!  Questions about Miche’s Anniversary BundlesThe Deal of the Day?  Do you think you know Miche’s Secret?  Do you have one of your own to share?  Contact me!  Call Kat 760.757.9179 or write to me at [email protected]
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Have fun and stay fabulous!

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Miche Mystery, Deal of the Day Discounts & August 2013 Hints

Miche news – so much to cover, I am not sure where to begin!  There is a Miche Mystery so big, that the new August 2013 release – the entire fall Miche line of shells – must be moved up to July 15th to make way for it!  What is the Miche Mystery?

what is Miche Mystery soon to be announced in August 2013

I wish I knew!!!  Is it a new product line?  Will the Miche Man line be fully developed?  Or will it be career wear – stylish, feminine briefcases, padfolios and iPad covers?  Or will it be something entirely new?  Interchangeable jewelry or shoes perhaps?  These theories and hundreds more are circulating, with the answer to be announced soon…

In the mean time, all we do know for certain is that this Miche Mystery is SO big, the entire fall Miche line for 2013 release date has been moved from August 1st to July 15th!  That’s right!  Return here for detailed reviews on July 12th – the first day I am allowed to show and really tell.  Until then, all I can do is give you these Miche August 2013 shells hints…

Miche August 2013 shells preview hints

Rich, vibrant colors, fabulous hardware and textures, fun and fascinating prints – in all four Miche sizes, with detailing and embellishments to spare!  New, coordinating handle options and so much more…  Stay tuned! :)  As more information is released – I will let you know!

And now – in addition to the current Miche Anniversary Bundles specials, the Deal of the Day for July 9th, 2013 is 60% off 2 of the prettiest Prima shells for spring and summer!  Miche Prima Pat and Amanda!

Miche Deal of the Day July 9th 2013 60% off prima Pat and Amanda












Miche Prima Amanda is super soft faux leather in the softest of pinks.  Rippling cream piping across the front of her shell implies a sense of motion in wave form.  Feminine and chic, this lovely shell is on sale one day only for just $20.97!

Miche Prima Pat is a vibrant coral toned shell with bright white detailing at the side pockets and the off center square where the faux leather gathers in the upper left corner.  Simple and sweet.  For July 9th, 2013 on sale for just $17.98.

**I so appreciate your business!  Thank you for shopping with me!!**

Miche Anniversary Bundles at terrific low prices are available now through July 14th.  And each day between now and the 14th, there will be a new Miche Deal of the Day – up to 75% off 2-3 selected items.  Big savings!  Be sure to check back here for the next Deal of the day – I will post each one the evening before the day.

And be certain to bookmark this page so you can learn all about the big Miche Mystery as it unfolds.  And you will not want to miss the new Miche Fall 2013 releases – available to review here and order by July 15th, instead of waiting for August 1st.  There are some really special styles coming your way!

Miche Demi Jayma Miche Demi Joella

If you are ready to make a purchase now, please be sure to attach it to Kim Shipley’s Miche Party as you check out.  It won’t cost you a penny more, and it will not delay your order shipping by a moment.  But it will help a fellow Miche lover to add to her own collection while you add to yours.  How fun is that?

And who knows…  Maybe one day, Kim will help you!

Be sure to check back for more Miche news and the new Fall 2013 August shells – to be released July 15th.  And let me know if you have any questions!  I am your Miche Representative, and I am here for you!  Call me 760.757.9179 or write to me: [email protected]
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Remember that you are beautiful!  Enjoy it!

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