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Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

This site is all about making fashion work for you.  To simplify style, to de-mystify chic.  Too often, chasing after the latest style trends only leaves you exhausted — which is not a good look on anyone.  Better to find a silhouette and colors that compliment you and express your style, rather than always following the latest fad.  This does not mean you cannot or should not incorporate new styles to keep your look fresh.  But you will be better off to do so thoughtfully, picking and choosing those items that work best for and with you.

For instance, if neon green is not a flattering color for you, yet is the hottest color of the season, consider its best use.  If you wish to incorporate it, use it in accessories that are worn far from your face, like belts, shoes and bags.  That way, you are sporting the latest trend rather than the other way arround.  The use of accessories will often help you to keep your look fresh and finished, while you remain true to your own style.

We all want to keep our look current and up-to-date, but how to do this without breaking the bank?  Often the simple way to affordable chic is to start with a strong, basic outfit, and then add personality or change the look completely with a few accessories.

For the sake of illustration, these two looks change only the shoes and the Miche bag, but what a difference these simple changes make!  Miche Prima Hope Black — re-released and available for a limited time – gives this basic outfit a hip, edgy vibe. 

Easy to achieve and easy to wear, the look above is comfortable and effortlessly stylish.

Change just the Miche shell and the shoes for a completely different personality.  Go girly with the fun and flirty Miche Prima Katy.  Sassy pink heels complete the transformation.

Miche Prima Katy

With a quick change of Miche shell and shoes, you can change your style in moments.

Strong basic wardrobe pieces let you move with the times by changing your accessories, yet remain true to your own personal style.  So simple…  So chic…  So you!

Remember that the very hottest look of any season and all time, is a woman who is confident in who she is, and happy with herself.  Take the pieces of the latest trends that you like, that suit you, and incorporate them.  The rest, simply let go and don’t look back.  Be your best YOU and you will always be looking your best.

If you have any questions, or wonder how best to express your own style or personality with Miche bags — I am here to help!  Just call me at 760.845.0621.  Or write to me at [email protected] .   If you are ready to go shopping for Miche bags, shells and accessories, just click here, or click the Shop Online button at the upper right corner of the page.

Remember that you are beautiful — and enjoy it!

Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

8 thoughts on “Simply Chic

  1. I pulled up your site. I tried to e-mail you but it said the e-mail was not installed. I ust started getting miche shels about 9 moonths ago. I just love them. I have both demi and prima. I’m trying to find 2 retired charms. The names are juniper and ebony. If you have them or know where I might find them I would appreciate it Thank you

    • Hello Janet,
      I do not have either of these retired charms, but I will be happy to look into this for you!
      I’ll contact you directly if I can find them for you1

  2. Hi Kat, I love my Miche Bags (Petite size). I was wondering would you know where I could get a Petite Zoe with the Pink Stripes. I know that it is retired and I have been looking for one for so long. If you are able to fine one please let me know.
    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Candy,
      I don’t have the Pink Zoe myself – but I just *might* be able to get one… And if I cannot, i’ll be happy to put the word out so you can get one! :)
      Have a beautiful evening – and I’ll get back to you on this!

  3. Very excited about this sale—BUT I am seeing that everything is flying off the shelves! I missed several favs already! Lets shop, ladies!

    • There is great news, Janis! I just learned that while more Classic and prima shells will be added today, Monday will see some Petite and Demi shells on sale as well! Cyber Monday sale still hase some surprises to offer! :)

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